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Le concept Cuisine et Audace

Cuisine et Audace is an original concept from France which aims at breaking the mould by making catering accessible to as many people as possible. The idea is simple : everyone can cook and organize their own events or reception from A to Z.


Through video tutorials, users discover original and accessible menus. They can pick the recipe of their choice in just one click. The real plus? Chef Joss gives professional advice and cooking tips to send 10, 20, 30, 50 … up to 100 dishes! A great challenge and the satisfaction to impress yourself and your guests. No need to get a caterer for your reception or event, reveal the chef in you!


Cuisine et Audace offers various themes menus : Le Généreux for those who like to share, Le Gourmet for those who like to put small dishes in the big ones or even L’Accessible for those who prefers the classics. By purchasing a menu with or without subscription, the user has access to:


  • a video tutorial of approximately 45 minutes with a step by step guide for each recipe and information on the best way to cook or set up the reception according to the number of guests to serve;
  • a PDF cooking guide which highlights the steps for each recipe and indicates the preparation time according to the number of guests (from 10 to 100 people);
  • a shopping list for each recipe.


With this interactive format, Chef Joss, a professional in the sector for over 20 years, guides amateur cooks as well as great beginners with one goal: to prove that everyone can cook! During the video tutorial, the chef gives his precious advice to create tasty, aesthetic and generous dishes with key steps to adapt his cuisine to large tables: technical gestures, tips from the chef, instructions for training.


Each full menu is available either by subscribing at the favourable rate of € 3.90 per month, or without subscription at the price of € 9.90.

Chef Joss

Joss is a natural chef. Since his first days in a bar, he has come a long way to devote himself fully to cooking. He is a true autodidact. He self-taught how to cook in order to replace at short notice the chef at the restaurant he managed.


He has opened several prominent restaurants and worked alongside a number of great chefs. They helped him develop a real passion for raw ingredients and creating tasty and breath-taking recipes. Always in search of a new projects, he became a chef event caterer specializing in beautiful receptions.


For him, starting with a fresh ingredient  and unlocking its full potential with the right combinations is the key to a successful recipe. No need to take cooking lessons to make beautiful plates with delicious flavours … you just need to be well advised! It is with this idea firmly rooted in him that he creates the concept of Cuisine and Audace. Its objective: to desacralize the reception kitchen by putting all its expertise at the service of individuals, even the most novice cooks, to allow them to create from A to Z their events.


“I have an intimate conviction: everyone can cook, whether for 10, 20, 50 … up to 100 people. And believe me, you will be blown away!”Chef Joss

The menus

Everyone has their own idea of ​​what cooking represents, especially when it is shared and brings together those we love. So that as many people as possible can recognize themselves through their recipes and whatever the level of cuisine, Chef Joss has worked on varied, gourmet and original theme menus with the key intention of making it easy and product-focused. He emphasizes on local produce, short food supply chains and cost effective recipes for his menus. You can also choose the most suitable menu according to you budget or the number of guests. No concessions are made on quality, the ingredients and recipes vary so that everyone can make the menu that suits them best while having fun.


For the time being, five menus are available on Cuisine et Audace platform. They are all available to purchase with the subscription plan at the price of € 3.90, or at € 9.90 without subscription.

« Le Généreux » : for those who like to share

Inspired by our Anglo-Saxon friends completely won over by the principle of “Sharing platters”. The idea is simple: the starter and the dessert are served on large platters with about 5 completely different recipes to discover and therefore to share, the main dish being served individually. Foie gras and goat nougat coexist. Everyone can agree on the tasty chocolate fondant and poached pear charm association.

Le Gourmet : for those who see big

Fresh produce for cooking are the starting point for the creation of the Cuisine and Audace menus. Le Gourmet lives up to its name with its noble products such as scallops, foie gras, sea bass and lamb. Perfect for refined events that require a certain standing, guests will be delighted by the flavours and the fine setting to dress up the dishes

« L’Accessible » : for those who prefer the classics

This menu has everything, from canapés to dessert, and clever recipes with everyday seasonal products, condiments and accompaniments that reveal their full potential. Cherry tomatoes, gravlax salmon and cod mix in a beautiful harmony of flavours for a fragrant and delicious meal!