The Concept

A delicious buffet. The perfect wedding brunch. A family celebration. Your best friend’s birthday. What if you could... make it yourself?

By following renowned Chef Joss’s easy, simple, high quality menus, anyone can produce gastronomic delights for 10 – 100 people.

Your dream of being a professional chef can become reality with Cuisine and Audace.

Each menu includes a detailed recipe, itemised shopping list, and a full-length instructional video. Now you can become a gourmet chef in your own kitchen – or someone else’s!

Joss, an international caterer who has worked with numerous leading chefs, personally designed and created every menu. His vision is to enable anyone to produce professional quality banquets.

Cuisine and Audace helps you create unforgettable culinary events with flair, quality, taste and style.

You’ll convince yourself you’re a pro!


Event caterer

The Chef

Joss has opened several prominent restaurants and worked alongside a number of great chefs. He now consults on high-end dining across France and abroad.

His creations go beyond mere tasting, exploding into sensational culinary experiences. Joss dives into his menus with heart, soul, and apron to produce true gastronomic masterpieces.

Now, through Cuisine and Audace, Joss is empowering anyone to create magnificent, professional quality banquets for anywhere from 10 to 100 people.

His detailed, step-by-step instructional menus and recipe videos allow any budding chef to recreate his visions.

Joss is available to consult or lead on event catering through Traiteur Events.

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