The Concept

What if you could do it on your own? What about this springtime buffet .... This wedding brunch that you started planning in your mind ... This birthday you want to celebrate among your friends .... Say yes to this, gastronomically! It may sound crazy, but it really can become true, it really can become your very own moment of pride. The very event during which you can turn out to be a real chef! Doing all the things by yourself, at your own rhythm, after all when you are in good company, cooking can become something playful, rewarding and unforgettable! Joss, an international caterer, designed all ofthese detailed tutorials which will answer all of your tasty questions. Skill moves, professional advices and polished presentation are going to be the corner stone of his pedagogy which will be taught with passion and tolerance. Not only will you be able to really “do it yourself” but also, with the help from Cuisine et Audace, this DIY concept will be accompanied by flavors, colors and textures. Just pick something from our menu and compose your very own three-course meal, and if you follow the instructions carefully, we can assure you that you will impress yourself !


Event caterer

His experience

Joss opened several prominent restaurants and worked alongside with great chefs. In order to go beyond mere tasting, he dived with his heart, soul and apron into the realization of some bespoke and exclusive events, such as prestigious receptions in intimate venues. He can be described as creative when it comes to his cooking and inventive when it comes to his job. He developed a service where he works as a consulting chef operating in France and abroad. His thorough organization and his skills in teaching can apply today to everyone who would want to impress their guests with a homemade and high-level catering service!

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